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Todd Basche

Elizabeth is the real deal, a designer and researcher who can see the big picture while setting and executing detailed high quality research plans.

I hired Elizabeth as a consultant to do human factors and design research on body worn cameras, a project that lasted almost a year. Her role was to do user research on a current body worn camera and to produce design recommendations for the new version. Elizabeth quickly learned the product and service details and requirements. She produced a strategic research plan that included testing hardware and soft prototypes with real users in 3 cities and field studies that included police ride-along. .Elizabeth's team's research work produced deep insights and actionable design recommendations which led to a better designed and safer camera.

Elizabeth would be an asset to any team and I would hire her again anytime.

Managing and Mentoring

Aaron Nathan

Elizabeth was my professor in the HFID masters program at Bentley, manager at the User Experience Center(UXC), and still is a mentor to me.
She is a fantastic project manager, customer relationship manager, mentor, leader, innovator, and strategist. When others fear change she
embraces it and sees it as an opportunity for growth both personally and
collectively. As an employee I sought strategic influence within a role which formally had none. Rather than put me in my place she showed me how to leverage my role to guide projects and clients in a better strategic direction, providing value beyond what was handed to me. Her greatest strengths are seeing opportunities for innovation and putting
people in the right positions to realize the potential of those
opportunities. I would not be where I am without her guidance and always
look forward to seeing what she will do next. .

Enterprise: Kodak

Rich Notargiacomo

During my work with Elizabeth, I have found her to have a keen
ability to envision things that don't exist today, but could be valuable if they did. In addition she brings passion, and a "can-do" attitude to virtually everything she does.

Tom Berraducci

I enjoyed working with Elizabeth at Kodak. She is a dedicated professional. She is very organized,and communicates in a direct, easy to understand manner.

Ben Gibson

I worked with Elizabeth for several years at Kodak. Her knowledge of consumers, workflow and human factors was a real asset in our digital transition...