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Project examples

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Body Worn Cameras

Year long study on BWC

Body worn cameras (BWC) impact police behavior in many ways, big and  small. Police officers already carry approximately 9-12 different items  on their body when on duty, so from a cognitive standpoint, they are  already overloaded. The addition of a BWC adds to their cognitive load
and if the camera has not integrated human factors best practices, the
cameras might not get turned out. A year-long study was conducted in the lab and in the field, including interviews and ride-alongs. The outcome of the study provided design guidelines that improved the ease of use and effectiveness for one companies BWC.

Solving Big Problems: UX of Voting

Usability in Voting Technology is a Constitutional Issue 

When a citizen casts a vote, it should count for the candidate they intended. All too often, design errors get in the way of this constitutional right.   Solving Big Problems: The UX of Voting

UX of Medicare

Nursing Home Compare

5 Year project that included UX Strategy, Roadmap and methods for evaluation and design

Design for Mobile

Projects and Courses

So much work is done on the go. No matter where we are, we always want to be connected. Recent work on Mobile design includes a two day class
that has been taught at various venues around the world.  Find out more

Successful User Experience

Successful UX is a mindset and also a book I wrote.